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Hulu "Direct Response Unit"

Hulu "Direct Response Unit"

This unit was a new ad unit built to satisfy some needs we saw in the video advertising business.

  1. Often, ad clients would make last minute buys, but expect interactive KPI's (vs just video impressions). 
  2. Often, ad clients would want to diversify their campaign on Hulu by taking advantage of other ad products beyond just running the same video ad for 6 months.
  3. On the ad creative team, often these last minute "interactive" requests really threw off design and development resources, causing a lot of stress.

So, what kind of unit or template could we develop that 1) took advantage of a clients video ad, 2) took only 2-3 days to design, approve and develop, and 3) satisfied interactive (in this case just a simple CTR). We called this the "Direct Response Unit"

This was designed to be a dynamic template built with a decent set of customizable variables:

  1. Background Image - Could be anything the client wanted, as long as their logo and accompanying copy was readable over it
  2. Logo - We would need a vector file of their logo
  3. Body Copy - customizable by color, point size, and font
  4. CTA and Button - CTA and color
  5. Social Media click-thrus - Select 1, all, or none of social media click-outs. 
  6. Video - The video will play full frame, and after x-seconds (client can decide), the ad will shrink and expose the unit.
A list of tags in the template files. 

A list of tags in the template files. 

Sitting with a developer as we finalize design was key to ensuring that this template had the right amount of flexibility and customization without sacrificing production speed. 

You can see the full specs here.

The unit was a success and was immediately adopted and sold by a national sales team.

Password: heymontano
Video player has a custom "skin" ad unit. 

password: heymontano

pass: heymontano
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Hulu, Lifestyle Photoshoot

Hulu, Lifestyle Photoshoot