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Hulu, Interactive Interstitial Ads

Hulu, Interactive Interstitial Ads

"Interactive Interstitial"


The Interactive Interstitial is a rich-media flash unit that runs with or in place of a video commercial. The interstitial enables greater interaction within the player space.


Project Process


The Creative Solutions department acts as both brand/content marketers for Hulu and an in-house custom ad creative agency. Because Hulu's advertising products don't adhere to standard IAB guidelines, the creative team will often have to design and develop new ad creative for clients. These are a few examples of interactive ads that run before/after/instead of a normal video ad.

My role is as the acting Creative Director on interactive advertising. While my department has a Director, the ownership on these custom ad units was on me and my designers. All units shown were designed and developed by our in-house team after pitching/collaborating/approvals with the ad client. 

We design and build a few of these every month. This is just a few selects from over the last 2 years. 

Vizio P Series Explorer

pass: heymontano  |  Designer: Jeeyoon Na
KPIs: Time with unit. The client wasn't looking for CTR or for full video-views, but awareness.

Fear The Walking Dead

Concept, writing, design, video editing, score, and developed of the unit was done in-house. 

pass: heymontano  |  Designer: Elena Berridy


pass: heymontano  |  Designer: Kevin Sandlow
Unit was concepted, designed, developed in-house. 

California Milk

pass: heymontano  |  Designer: Matt Walker
Video player has a custom "skin" to frame the unit. Unit was designed by using the official CA Milk website as a guide, but re-built and redesigned for an interactive ad experience. 

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

pass: heymontano   |   Designer: Kevin Sandlow
Kraft was great to work with. We pitched this concept and they allowed us to shoot custom video to help execute with and were very flexible with us designing the unit. 


pass: heymontano  |  Designer: Kevin Sandlow
Concept and design was done entirely in-house. The Activision team was really great to work with on this. We asked them to record a fight video of each possible "fight" a user could see by selecting 2 characters.

Hulu, Brand Campaigns

Hulu, Brand Campaigns

Visual Design Gallery

Visual Design Gallery