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Hulu, Lifestyle Photoshoot

Hulu, Lifestyle Photoshoot

Project Goal


To direct and lead a body of new lifestyle photographs to use in Hulu brand marketing.



  • Inspiration boards
  • Photographer Hiring
  • Model selection
  • Location scouting and selection
  • Master shot-list
  • On-set art direction
  • Post-shoot photo selects

Hulu Marketing needed a new library of lifestyle photography (because we were giving too much money to https://www.stocksy.com/). 

My role was as the client and the art director.

The process went as follows:

  1. Put together a style board to help narrow down what kind of photographer we should hire.
  2. Find and hire a photographer (http://www.jessiewebster.com/) and shot-stylist (http://www.tinycanalcottage.com/blog).  
  3. Hire a production team
  4. Put together a shot list
  5. Audition and hire models
  6. Get style and shotlist approved by SVP Marketing of Hulu
  7. Scout locations and approve schedule
  8. Stand behind the photographer and manage shotlist and style

1. Boards and Inspiration

A few of the boards:

2. The Shot List and Models

To get a shotlist together, one of my designers and I held a few sessions to think through all the inspiration, the devices we know we'll want to capture, the audience demographics and the locations. This step is done before selecting both talent and locations.

You can see the master shot list

You can see the final model selections here



3. Final Shots

Here's a small selection from the final library (about 100 images total)

Hulu "Play Next" Feature

Hulu "Play Next" Feature

Hulu "Direct Response Unit"

Hulu "Direct Response Unit"