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Done at EQAL - a startup with a unique model: Pitch Celebrity influencers and brand communities, design a new identity (if needed), build a fully editorialized site that would serve as an online central-hub for these IP communities, and we would split ad-revenue profits. Sites were built using a proprietary CMS that included primary blog-publication system, chat rooms, galleries (both ugc and IP driven), forums, recipe galleries, and full social strategy and integration.  
Role: Lead Design
Creative Director: Tom Walker

1. Mood and Pitch

As a design team, we would review a "Profile" document given to us by the client's team. This includes things like : Age, Recent Projects, Best Known For, About Fan-base, Quotes.

Next is put together a mood board and pitch deck. (only mood board shown here:)


2. Design Process

Some early rounds of design:


3. Final Design 

Once client has approved a direction, we build out the site and auxiliary social+marketing materials for a full launch campaign.

Deliverables and Specs